I'm all about documenting the real, authentic and unscripted love stories for couples & families. My images are meant to freeze time for just a moment, allowing you to truly remember what it felt like to be there.

Love notes from clients

Love notes from clients

You have outdone yourself!!! I am literally weeping in my living room scrolling through these beautiful photos - I am absolutely thrilled with every single picture. I just can’t stop crying!!! How am I going to choose one for the Christmas cards???
Thank you - THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart!
Ps still crying.”


Do you shoot destination weddings?

I've captured love stories with my camera across Ontario, but guess what? My bags are packed, and I'm ready for more! Got a dreamy destination in mind? Give me a shout, and together, we'll make magic happen! 📸✨🌍

Will there be a second shooter?

It’s your call! I can totally rock the photography solo, or if you think a sidekick with a camera sounds awesome, just say the word and we’ll sort everything out! :)

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Guess what? Your session day might be a party with other shoots happening too! So, let's make sure we have enough time for your fabulousness - the sooner you ask, the better! 🥳🕐

What kind of gear do you use?

Catch me rockin' not one, but TWO cameras loaded with top-notch lenses, making sure I capture every unforgettable moment! And get this – each camera has dual card slots, so I'm always backed up right from the get-go! How cool is that?

Do I have to order prints through you?

No way, those pictures are all yours! Go wild and print 'em at your go-to spot! But hey, if you ever need suggestions for cool printing places, I'm your gal! 😄📸

Do you edit all our photos?

Oh, you betcha! Each snapshot you get will be sprinkled with my personal editing magic. No raw, unpolished pics in your gallery, promise! Also, be prepared for some fun and artful images along with a few black and whites! ;)

What does “fully edited” mean?

I’ll work my editing magic to enhance your pictures while staying true to who you are (no body manipulations here lol). Say goodbye to blemishes and minor distractions and hello to stunning, natural-looking images with a hint of lovely grain. Don’t worry, you’ll still look like you, just with a little extra pizzazz!

How long have you been doing this?

Wowza, time flies! Can you believe I've been passionately capturing precious moments through the lens for 14 exhilarating years? Insane, right?